Citizens Group starts petition for Health Freedom in Bay County

by Janet Pattison

BAY COUNTY, FL - A local grassroots citizens group has formed to petition the Bay County Commissioners to ensure health freedom during the next pandemic.

In September, the Bay County Commissioners passed a resolution recognizing Health Freedom in Bay County. The petition is requesting a Health Freedom ordinance. An ordinance provides the guidance needed by the Sheriff’s Department and citizens to support the right to opt out of unwanted treatments and medical mandates.

The movement began in Collier County in April 2023 where they passed a resolution and ordinance on Health Freedom for the citizens of Collier County. In August, Collier County also passed an ordinance to be a Bill of Rights Sanctuary. Sumter County followed suit with a resolution and ordinance that leaves the power with the citizens of Sumter.

Sarasota County took a different route passing a Health Freedom resolution and a Bill of Rights Sanctuary resolution earlier this month.

For more information on the Bay County petition, contact Diane Cummings, Concerned Citizens Group,