Southern Border Convoy - Concerned Americans rally across the southern border, demanding immediate action to secure the nation

by Janet Pattison

FLORIDA PANHANDLE - Today, January 30, 2024, truckers from the east coast came through the Florida panhandle enroute to three rallies across the southern border of the United States. The Southern Border Convoy, ( aims to shed light on the dangers posed by the wide-open southern border and to call for immediate action to secure the nation.

The convoy started in Virginia Beach, VA, on January 28th, with trucks joining the procession throughout the route. On February 1st, the convoy will branch off in Texas, ultimately ending in rallies in San Ysidro, CA, Yuma, AZ, and Eagle Pass, TX. Carol Crisp from Bay County, who was at an overpass on I-10, reported seeing a convoy of trucks and cars, with honking cars and enthusiastic passerby's stopping to wave American flags in support of the cause.

The goal of the rallies is to bring attention to the urgent need to uphold all laws of the US Constitution, to slow and ultimately stop drug and human trafficking across the border, and to secure the nation's borders. This grassroots movement has gained momentum as concerned Americans from across the nation join forces to address the growing crisis at the southern border.

As the convoy makes its way through various cities, it serves as a symbol of unity and determination among the American people. The Southern Border Convoy represents a call to action for lawmakers and policymakers to prioritize border security and protect the safety and well-being of American citizens.

The organizers of the Southern Border Convoy hope that their efforts will not only raise awareness about the issues at the southern border but also inspire others to take a stand and demand action from their elected representatives.