U.S. FDA Issues Recall of United Packers, LLC Soda Products Over Foreign Material Concerns Still Active

by Janet Pattison

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a widespread recall of specific soda products manufactured by United Packers, LLC, due to potential contamination with foreign materials. The affected products include 12-ounce aluminum cans of Diet Coke, Fanta Orange, and Sprite, which have been swiftly removed from store shelves and distribution centers.

The recall pertains to 417 cases of Diet Coke, 14 cases of Fanta Orange, and 1,557 cases of Sprite, distributed primarily across Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi. Consumers are advised to be vigilant and check their purchases for the following identifying details:

Diet Coke 12-oz. aluminum cans - 12 pack fridge pack

Lot No. JAN2924MBD3

UPC: 49000028911

Best By: 01/29/24

Fanta Orange 12-oz. aluminum cans - 12 pack fridge pack

Lot No. JUL2924MBD3

UPC: 49000030730

Best By: 07/29/24

Sprite 12-oz. aluminum cans - 12 pack fridge pack

Lot No. JUL2924MBD3

UPC: 49000028928

Best By: 07/29/24

The recall was initiated in early November following the discovery of potential contamination. The FDA strongly advises consumers in possession of the recalled soda cans to either return the product to the point of purchase for a refund or discard it immediately. This precautionary measure aims to prevent any potential harm resulting from the presence of foreign materials in the beverages.

For further inquiries or assistance regarding the recall, consumers can contact United Packers, LLC, or reach out to the FDA directly.

It is crucial to heed this recall notice to ensure consumer safety and prevent any adverse effects from consuming these potentially compromised soda products.