Sounding A Voice For Justice: Bay County Florida Board of Commissioners Officially Proclaimed September 6th, 2023, as Patients Bill of Rights Day

by Clifford M. Reid Jr. "Sunny"

The Bay County Florida Health Freedom Resolution

The Bay County Florida Health Freedom Resolution was voted on unanimously by the Bay County Republican Executive Committee (REC) in late May of 2023. Over the next 3 months an effort was made by concerned citizens to convince the Bay County Commissioners to adopt this resolution as a county ordinance. After meeting with each commissioner individually, there was a dichotomy of opinion. Two commissioners were concerned about such an action while three were not objecting.

There was much discussion from the podium by citizen representatives of the REC over the course of those months. Their research disclosed very pertinent information concerning mainstream media lies and federal government overreach. Facts surfaced concerning the deadly nature of government incentivized hospital protocols requiring Remdesivir (also referred to as “run-death-is-near”), Midazolam and Ventilators, which protocols are still being used. Facts surfaced revealing the inefficacy and lack of safety testing of mRNA injections, which were passed off by big pharma, the CDC, and our own federal government, as “vaccines.” Additional facts exposed the injuries and deaths occurring due to these same mRNA injections.

On September 6, 2023 the Bay County Commissioners started their public meeting with a reading of a proclamation they had prepared.


Bay County Board of Commissioners

WHEREAS, A Patient has the right to: Be treated with courtesy and respect, with appreciation for his or her dignity, and the protection of privacy; and

WHEREAS, Numerous county residents have expressed their concerns to the Board of County Commissioners over federal government’s and the World Health Organization’s attempt to impose public health mandates and limit an individual’s healthcare freedoms and rights; and

WHEREAS, The State of Florida has recognized these concerns and in November 2021, Governor DeSantis signed into law Senate Bill 2-B, and its companion House Bill 1-B, 1 in large part prohibiting the ability of private employers to impose a COVID-19 vaccination mandate among other protections; and

WHEREAS, The State of Florida further protects its residents’ health related rights and freedoms through sections 381.026, Florida Statutes, the Patients Bill of Rights and Responsibilities which promotes the interest and well being of patients of healthcare providers and healthcare facilities; and

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT PROCLAIMED Bay County Board of Commissioners Officially Proclaims September 6th, 2023, as Patients Bill of Rights Day as Human rights are given to us by God and these rights are protected by the U.S. and Florida State Constitution.

Signed by: Tommy Hamm (Chairman); Robert Carroll (District II); William Dozier (District III); Douglass Moore (District IV); and Claire Pease (District V), the Bay County Florida Commissioners.

The citizens had attended the meeting that morning as a group to speak, individually, in favor of adopting the resolution. The Commissioners evidently had not advised the citizens of the board’s decision to present a proclamation, nor had they notified the citizens that they were in the process of creating one. To be fair, it’s probable they did not have the phone or email information handy to do so, and perhaps they felt it would be a pleasant surprise for the citizens. Thankfully, when working toward a positive goal, all things work for the good.

At first the citizens were caught off-guard, and didn’t feel the proclamation was enough, since all it initially appeared to do was reconfirm state law, and there are still some problems with the state law which allow loopholes for tyranny to return, given a change of state administration. There was still some discussion from the citizens because of the misunderstanding of what had happened. But, also, because of the miscommunication, the citizens were directed to some seldom noticed, seldom repeated information concerning the Florida Patients’ Bill of Rights and Responsibilities. It was October when that information was disseminated to the citizens.

At the behest of the Board of Bay County Commissioners, Assistant Bay County Attorney Mr. Brian Leebrick, made the information available and adequately explained why 381.026 would not help in bringing criminals to justice. Then, after close scrutiny comparing the intent of the resolution to the intent of the proclamation, the citizens recognized that the text of the Bay County Board of Commissioners Proclamation follows exactly the same sentiment, if not the same wording, as the Collier County Ordinance and the proposed Bay County Resolution.

Hence, the understood goal of the citizens of Bay County was achieved, but the intent was not. The reason was not because of a difference of opinion between citizens and commissioners, but because of a public misconception of the purpose of Florida Patients’ Bill of Rights and Responsibilities.

The Collier County Resolution was passed last spring by the Collier County Board of Commissioners. It was the first passed in the state of Florida, and the movement radiated from there. Bay County citizens, seeing the illegitimate aggression of the World Health Organization, and more federal government medical tyranny looming on the horizon, followed Collier County’s example in an effort to create countermeasures to prevent a repetition of the unconstitutional, tyrannical, criminal abuse folks in our nation have recently experienced by the “dictator wannabees” who are trying to destroy our Constitution. The Bay County Republican Executive Committee adopted Collier County Ordinance’s exact wording, and passed it with a unanimous vote, as mentioned above. The Collier County Ordinance is a county pledge to support the Florida State Statute 381.026. The actual intended purpose of Florida State Statute 381.026 was not to create a new law, but to recognize that the rights asserted in this document already exist, and to recognize, promote, and disseminate that fact to Florida Citizens.

The residents of Bay County were hoping to be able to use the Florida State Statute 381.026 “Florida Patients’ Bill of Rights and Responsibilities” as a law to bring to justice individuals and hospitals who had created, and who had followed the pernicious, government incentivized hospital protocols. And, most of all, to stop the protocols from being foisted upon uninformed victims, and to halt the distribution of the harmful mRNA injections.

However, that was not the intended purpose of Florida State Statute 381.026, which both the Collier County Ordinance, and the Bay County Proclamation mirrored. Under 381.026 Item (3), PURPOSE, the last sentence states: “…This section shall not be used for any purpose in any civil or administrative action and neither expands nor limits any rights or remedies provided under any other law.”

(For the full text to this link visit: Chapter 381 Section 026 - 2023 Florida Statutes ( )

According to the last sentence of this section, it is clear that this document was not meant to be exercised as a law with penalties.

I am comforted by the last few words of the Bay County Board of Commissioners Proclamation expressing that our rights are God-given:

“…Human rights are given to us by God and these rights are protected by the U.S. and Florida State Constitution.”

Covid-19 government incentivized hospital protocols can only be recognized as intentional culpable negligence. Involuntary manslaughter occurs when you behave with culpable negligence, which means you show a wanton and reckless disregard for human life or for the safety of persons around you. Not adequately testing for safety in an injection which is being distributed to the population at large is also an act of culpable negligence. “Other laws” pertaining to penalties for malicious acts, which can only be described as involuntary manslaughter, are still very much in effect.

It should also be noticed that Dr. Joseph Ladapo, Florida State Surgeon General issued a “Booster Guidance” document in September 2023 from the Florida State Health Department warning of the risk of injury and death due to a deplorable lack of safety testing involving the Covid-19 mRNA injections.

It will be the U. S. Constitution and the Florida State Constitution, properly enforced, which will finally bring these criminals to justice. All of America’s problems could be alleviated almost overnight if our Constitution were to be enforced, because the problems America is currently facing are a direct result of non-enforcement of our Constitution.