Capt. Anderson’s Marina to Host 11th Annual Bethlehem Christmas Village: An Ancient Journey Comes Alive by the Waterside

by Janet Pattison

PANAMA CITY BEACH, FL - Prepare to step back in time as Capt. Anderson’s Marina unveils its captivating rendition of an ancient village, beckoning visitors to the FREE 11th Annual Bethlehem Christmas Village, where the magic of history and the spirit of Christmas blend seamlessly.

From December 13th to 16th, between 5:30 – 8:30 p.m., the waterside re-creation of Bethlehem will transport attendees into an enchanting world. Welcomed by friendly and helpful Census Takers, Tax Collectors, and even Roman soldiers, visitors will embark on an immersive journey filled with discovery and wonder.

Imagine walking through ancient Bethlehem, hearing the tales of Isaiah, Mary, and Joseph as they narrate the story of the imminent Christ Child. The village promises an array of sights and sounds, from checking with the Inn Keeper for vacancies to witnessing the awe-inspiring presence of angels, shepherds, and wise men from distant lands.

Adding to the enchantment, local schools and churches will depict the authentic Christmas Story through live music, nativity scenes, and compelling storytelling, enriching the experience for attendees of all ages. Additionally, each night will spotlight a different charity, benefiting from a generous toy and food drive, spreading the holiday spirit beyond the event itself.

Visitors are encouraged to participate actively in the immersive experience, registering for the census, 'paying taxes' through contributions of canned goods and unwrapped toys, exploring local inns for a room, and marveling at the live manger scene complete with animals. The Bethlehem Marketplace, adorned with gift and food vendors, will further amplify the historical atmosphere, offering a variety of treats and treasures.

For those eager to partake in this inspirational outdoor event, additional information is available at , where a glimpse of the festive ambiance can be found through captivating photos on